Is It a box? Is it a case? No, it’s EcoHinge!

The EcoHinge range is a truly innovative collection designed to be a revolutionary case. Unlike many jewellery & gift cases, EcoHinge boxes are designed to be eco-friendly using exclusively board and paper, ensuring they are 100% recyclable. This packaging features a board hinge which is strong and keeps form over time. Each box is lovingly made in the UK with traditional manufacturing methods to keep a low carbon footprint. These boxes come in the colours: White, White/Black and Black/Silver. To keep the hinge rigid and strong over time these box uses quality paper and up to 1000gsm board.

This collection comprises five sizes from a ring up to a necklace set.

Each box comes with a complimentary foam insert with the appropriate slots to secure the piece or gift inside.

The Eco Hinge range can be enhanced through Potters Bespoke Service. Add an image of your choice such as your brand's logo to the lid of the box with hot foil or debossing. Additionally, there are over 1000 paper choices, including ‘leather’ & ‘plastic’ like paper where you would struggle to tell the difference between Eco Hinge and a plastic case. Eco Hinge jewellery boxes come in pack sizes of 10-50, depending on the size of the box. A wholesale discounted price is available when ordering 5 or 10 or more packs.

Read more about the benefits of EcoBoard and why switching from plastic packaging to EcoHinge is the way forward.

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