Artwork Guide

For perfect proofs time after time. 

The brand should be centric to every business decision, from your brand name to your logo; it is your identity as a business and should be entrusted to suppliers that understand that. Here at Potters UK, our team are here to help you make sure your logo sticks in the minds of your customers, so they return to you time after time.   



Here at Potters UK, we specialise in a process called the “Hot-Foil” technique. This blend of heat, pressure and fine foil produces luxurious single colour foil prints that are environmentally friendly and handcrafted by our highly skilled in-house all-female team of printers. With over 100 years of experience between them, from 1939, Potters UK has been keeping alive traditional hand printing, elevating the process to an art form.   



With any traditional process, there are limitations.   

We ask that all artwork adheres to the following requirements to avoid rejection.   

  • The artwork must be solid black on a fully transparent or white background.  
  • The text must be no smaller than 8pt.  
  • The minimum line thickness is 0.5pt at the actual print size.  
  • All reversed out text should be avoided.  
  • Borders are not recommended.   
  • It must be a vector file, exported with text outlined or converted to curves with expanded strokes.   
  • It must be supplied as an afdesign, AI, PDF, EPS or SVG file.   

If artwork fails to meet the above guidelines, you may be asked to do one of the following   

  • Resupply artwork.  
  • Have your artwork reset by our in-house team; this is charged at £40 per piece of artwork 
  • Sign a disclaimer.  

Once your artwork has been successfully submitted, please allow three full working days to receive digital proof for approval. The email will come from Potters (London) Limited via Signable. If it has not been received, please ensure you have checked your spam and then call us as soon as possible to avoid any production delays.     



Printing Blocks   

We offer three options for ordering blocks.   


The 25 mm - £33 

  • 1 x 25mm block   

With the above measurement being the largest dimension, either landscape or portrait. 


The 35 mm - £34.50 

  • 1 x 35mm block   

With the above measurement being the largest dimension, either landscape or portrait.   


The Bundle - £45

  • 1 x 25mm block   
  • 1 x 35mm block   
  • 1 x 60mm block  

With the above measurement being the largest dimension, either landscape or portrait.  

The 25mm & 35mm blocks must use identical artwork however, the 60mm may use different artwork.    

Please note that block charges cover the setup and processing of your artwork; the Block remains the property of Potters (London) Limited. While in regular use, if damaged or worn, Potters will replace the Block free of charge. However, if the Block has been stored unused for three years or more, Potters reserves the right to dispose of the Block. In this event, blocks would then become chargeable if replacements are required.   

Blocks are batched produced weekly, so please allow an additional five working days from artwork approval on your lead-time for block production should it be required.