Artwork Guide

For perfect proofs time after time. 

Setting Your Artwork

To ensure no delays on your order we request your image or logo be provided in a specific format.

We ask that all artwork adheres to the following requirements to avoid rejection.   

  • The artwork must be solid black on a fully transparent or white background.  
  • The text must be no smaller than 8pt.  
  • The minimum line thickness is 0.5pt at the actual print size.  
  • All reversed-out text should be avoided.  
  • Borders are not recommended.   
  • It must be a file with vector graphics, exported with text outlined or converted to curves with expanded strokes.   
  • It must be supplied as an afdesign, AI, PDF, EPS or SVG file.   

If artwork fails to meet the above guidelines, you may be asked to do one of the following   

  • Resupply artwork.  
  • Have your artwork redrawn by our in-house team; this is charged at a minimum of £40 + VAT per piece of artwork. We will then supply you with your redrawn artwork.
  • Sign a disclaimer.  

Why do we require a vector graphic?

We want to ensure that each print looks identical to the logo we are given. To ensure this we request an image in a vector format. A vector graphic uses mathematical equations to not lose clarity when zooming in, meaning a straight line is actually straight and will not look pixelated no matter how far you zoom in. Below we have an example of the Potters Logo with and without vector data.

Potters Vector Graphic Example

Vector Graphic

This image shown is the 'P' from the Potters logo when zoomed in. Notice that the 'P' is clear and true to form, this should be similar to how your artwork should be sent to us. A vector image can be zoomed infinitely without losing any clarity. We require this to ensure the block that is manufactured is true to the likeness of your image. You can download a copy of this logo to see the format for yourself here. The file is saved as PDF a and will need to be opened in software like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer to be properly viewed.

Non-vector Graphic

The above image shows an example that does not meet our requirements. The Potters logo was saved as a JPEG file, which does not contain any vector graphics. This means the 'P' will look increasingly pixelated the more you zoom in. If a printing block was made with this image we could not guarantee that it would not look like the intended logo.

What if I don't have a vector graphic file?

We can appreciate that not everyone will have a copy of their logo in a vector graphic to hand. Whether you made the logo yourself or got it professionally made, you may not have the files we require.

Steps to take to get a vector graphic

1) Check your device for a file with vector data. 

Files with vector data can be saved in .ai, pdf, .afdesign, .eps and .svg files. If you open these sorts of files in a professional program like Adobe Illustrator and zoom in without losing clarity then your file contains vector graphics!

If you don't have any professional illustration and design programmes, we recommend Affinity Designer which is significantly cheaper than Adobe Illustrator or Figma which is free and works in your browser.

2) Contact whoever created your logo.

Annoyingly even if you've paid a professional to create a logo they may not send you a version with vector graphics or charge extra to do so. The creator of your likely will have a copy of your logo with vector graphics so it is worth getting in contact to get a copy.

3) We can create one for you.

Should it be impossible for you to locate or get a copy of your image with vector graphics then our Artwork department can redraw your image for you. For this service we starting at £40.00 plus VAT and can supply you with the logo files should you require them in the future.

How We Charge For Printing

Our cost of printing is different depending on whether you have an existing block with us. We charge 9p per print on boxes and cases and 15p per print per bag or sleeve. This means if you bought a pack of 50 Black Matt EcoBoard Pendant Boxes and do not have a block with us then the cost would be £77.31. The cost for subsequent orders of the same boxes would be £44.31, meaning printing is more cost-effective over time.

We have several block sizes for printing. Some sizes are only compatible with certain products. E.g a 25mm block is ideal for a ring box but a 60mm is too large. The measurement for each block is the largest dimension and can be portrait or landscape.

25mm, 35mm, 50mm or 60mm - £33.00

75mm or 90mm - £39.00

Bundle of 25mm, 35mm and 60mm - £45.00

If you require a non-standard printing size please get in touch.

The block bundle we offer is a cost-effective way to have multiple print sizes, e.g. 25mm for EcoBoard Ring, 35mm for EcoBoard Pendant and 60mm for Large Twisted Handle Bags.    

Please note that block charges cover the setup and processing of your artwork; the Block remains the property of Potters (London) Limited. While in regular use, if damaged or worn, Potters will replace the Block free of charge. However, if the Block has been stored unused for three years or more, Potters reserves the right to dispose of the Block. In this event, blocks would then become chargeable if replacements are required.   

Got A Question?

Our Artwork Department can assist you with any problem or query regarding logo printing.


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