Standardisation sometimes less is more.

The economic and ethical benefits of standardisation.

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Over the next few months, you may notice changes to some of our standard products, mainly regarding sizes. As many of you know, we have a highly-skilled, UK based team who work tirelessly to deliver our sustainably sourced eco-board ranges. But the world we live in has changed with a global pandemic, climate crisis and Brexit. So we are making these changes for several reasons. 


  1. Supply - By standardising products, we can increase stocks on our best selling lines. With the ongoing pressures on global supply chains, massive delays we've seen on shipping containers and customs. By streamlining our earth-friendly UK stock, we can ensure a reliable supply of our Ecoboard is available, regardless of external supply chain factors beyond our control. 
  2. It improves efficiency by bulk manufacturing. We can produce higher volumes of the Eco-Board boxes you know and love by reducing downtime on the machines and manual processes, again allowing us to build higher stock levels by increasing our daily capacity. 
  3. With improved productivity, in light of inflation, we can, to an extent, minimise price fluctuations to UK stock.
  4. We can reduce lead times; with higher stock levels, we can focus on getting your eco-board orders to you quicker, improving your Potters experience.
  5. We can reduce waste, both in time and energy, reducing the carbon footprint of each Eco-board box we make, making the process even more eco-friendly.
  6. We will have time to develop and launch an extended range of eco-inserts, allowing you more options to customise your eco-board boxes using sustainably sourced, UK manufactured inserts. 
  7. It will free up time for those orders that break the mould. We understand that our core products' streamlining isn't the perfect solution for everyone, but the time saved will allow us to embrace the creative projects using our bespoke service. 

We hope you are as excited to see these changes as we are and choose to grow your business with us, embracing change to move towards a more sustainable future together.