Small steps lead to significant changes.

Why going green could be good for your bottom line, as well as the planet.


The climate crisis is here, but it can be complex or costly for businesses to adjust. However, as science progresses, it is becoming clear that we need to carefully consider our day-to-day behaviours and push for broader change from governments and large corporations. There is no single solution, and we understand that not all businesses can switch to more eco-friendly products yet. But here are five reasons how making the switch to carbon-neutral plant-based bioplastic can benefit your business. 


  1. Consumers are becoming more educated. Across Europe, 72% of shoppers reported preferring products with sustainable packaging, and this increased awareness of packaging translates to your bottom line. By not transitioning, you may be losing sales to companies and artisans that have more sustainable solutions. 
  2. It's becoming more cost-effective. With all technology, there is a trickle-down effect. When a new product or technology enters the market, it's often only accessible to the few then. As production systems become increasingly efficient, the cost drops, making them more accessible to the masses. While globally, the production of plant-based plastics is still comparatively insignificant, that trend is changing. 
  3. Consumers will pay more, up to a point. It is reported that consumers are willing to pay up to 5% more in "Green tax". So your business doesn't need to shoulder the entire cost of making a positive switch. As long as you are taking steps to educate your customers and open up a dialogue, the majority of consumers won't be discouraged by a slight price increase if it's for a fantastic cause. 
  4. It's great for content and PR; content is king in the world we now live in and work in. Particularly with the reduction in bricks and mortar businesses. So making positive changes to your business is perfect for opening up conversations with your consumers, shouting your changes from the rooftops, and driving traffic for all the right reasons. 
  5. You get to feel good, and so do your consumers. Knowing you have made a step towards more conscious consumerism is something to be proud of, and it's something close to people's hearts and minds. As humanity collectively looks for ways to exist more gently, bioplastic allows you to be a part of that positive change. 

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