Medium Premium Postal Box, Black

Internal: 80MM (W) X 80MM (D) X 16MM (H)
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This box is letterbox friendly and will fit through a standard letterbox when packaged. Please note that to class a Royal Mail large letter the parcel must have a maximum height of 25mm. This postal box has a 20mm height and is ideally packaged in a mailing bag or envelope.

The medium postal box is perfect for sending a large letter, allowing you to ship earrings, bracelets, and even slim pendants effortlessly with royal mail; they also feature a thoughtfully cut out v within the lid for ease of opening. Available in Black only. Premium postal boxes can be printed on the outside of the lid. Please note our products are sold in packs, this item is sold in a pack quantity of 100.

Product Specification:

More Information
SKU 107031
Colour Black
Recyclable No
Compostable No
Covering Material Black
Outer Carton No
Outer Sleeve No
Made In Britain No
Board Colour White
Pad Colour Black
Internal 80MM (W) X 80MM (D) X 16MM (H)
External 87MM (W) X 87MM (D) X 20MM (H)

We ask that all artwork adheres to the following requirements to avoid rejection.   

- The artwork must be solid black on a fully transparent or white background. 
- The text must be no smaller than 8pt. 
- The minimum line thickness is 0.5pt at the actual print size. 
- All reversed out text should be avoided. 
- Borders are not recommended.  
- It must be a vector file, exported with text outlined or converted to curves with expanded strokes.  
- It must be supplied as an afdesign, AI, PDF, EPS or SVG file.   
If artwork fails to meet the above guidelines, you may be asked to do one of the following   

- Resupply artwork. 

- Have your artwork reset by our in-house team; this is charged at £40 per piece of artwork.  
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