EcoBoard Deep Universal Box, Black

Internal: 85MM (W) X 85MM (D) X 58MM (H)
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A small box with great stature. This average-sized box has similar width and depth to the EcoBoard Pendant but offers a unique 58mm internal height. Expertly designed and crafted in the UK using Potters EcoBoard, made of recyclable card and board to be the ultimate eco-friendly packaging. The added height gives this box added flexibility, unlike the rest of the EcoBoard Universal series this box can house more unique goods such as small candles, minerals, medals and small ornaments. Pick from two available colours Black Ribbed and White Ribbed. These boxes come with an outer ribbed paper, adding a protective layer that also enhances the look and texture. These boxes have matching internal board colours to the outside paper.

This Deep Universal Box is provided with complimentary 20mm Courtelle wadding inside. Black and White foam is available.

•Perfect for gifts which need the added height

•Made of recyclable board and paper

•Approximately 880–1000 micron board

•100% Recyclable and Reusable box

•UK Made

•Rigid lid and box

•Bespoke option available

•Pack size of 20

Read more about the benefits of EcoBoard.

To get the most out of this box and your packing there is Potters Bespoke Service, giving you the option to add your own branding and logo with debossing for clean print or hot stamping foil in multiple colours. There are also over 1000 additional paper choices through this service with hundreds of new colours and multiple different textures.

Product Specification:

More Information
SKU 167107
Colour Black
Recyclable Yes
Compostable No
Covering Material Black
Outer Carton No
Outer Sleeve No
Made In Britain Yes
Board Colour Black
Internal 85MM (W) X 85MM (D) X 58MM (H)
External 88MM (W) X 88MM (D) X 60MM (H)

We ask that all artwork adheres to the following requirements to avoid rejection.   

- The artwork must be solid black on a fully transparent or white background. 
- The text must be no smaller than 8pt. 
- The minimum line thickness is 0.5pt at the actual print size. 
- All reversed out text should be avoided. 
- Borders are not recommended.  
- It must be a vector file, exported with text outlined or converted to curves with expanded strokes.  
- It must be supplied as an afdesign, AI, PDF, EPS or SVG file.   
If artwork fails to meet the above guidelines, you may be asked to do one of the following   

- Resupply artwork. 

- Have your artwork reset by our in-house team; this is charged at £40 per piece of artwork.  
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