Drawer Pendant/Universal Box, Black

Internal: 95MM (W) X 85MM (D) X 30MM (H)
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The drawer is perfect for effortlessly presenting small sets of jewellery; the Universal option comes with an additional protective foam layer to protect your jewellery. Flexible multi-cut foam can accommodate stud and drop earrings, ring, and items such as a delicate pendant or bracelet. Available with a Black outer, Grey drawer, Black ribbon and Grey Insert only. The drawer is printed on the top of the outer box, with the logo's base on the edge closest to the drawer.

Product Specification:

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SKU 162002
Colour Black
Recyclable Yes
Compostable No
Covering Material Black
Outer Carton No
Outer Sleeve No
Made In Britain No
Board Colour Grey
Pad Colour Grey
Internal 95MM (W) X 85MM (D) X 30MM (H)
External 100MM (W) X 92MM (D) X 37MM (H)
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