Brilliant Earring/Pendant Case, Aubergine

Internal: 54MM (W) X 48MM (D) X 42MM (H)
12 items per pack

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This piece is the perfect companion for earrings or pendants; with its tactile satin trademark monochromatic finish, this versatile little piece is the ideal complement to your collection. Available in Aubergine, Black and Cream. Printable on the inner lid satin. Please note our products are sold in packs, this item is sold in a pack quantity of 12.

Product Specification:

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SKU 219005
Colour Aubergine
Recyclable No
Compostable No
Covering Material Aubergine
Outer Carton Yes
Outer Sleeve No
Made In Britain No
Pad Colour Aubergine
Satin Colour Aubergine
Internal 54MM (W) X 48MM (D) X 42MM (H)
External 61MM (W) X 61MM (D) X 50MM (H)


We ask that all artwork adheres to the following requirements to avoid rejection.   

- The artwork must be solid black on a fully transparent or white background. 
- The text must be no smaller than 8pt. 
- The minimum line thickness is 0.5pt at the actual print size. 
- All reversed out text should be avoided. 
- Borders are not recommended.  
- It must be a vector file, exported with text outlined or converted to curves with expanded strokes.  
- It must be supplied as an afdesign, AI, PDF, EPS or SVG file.   


If artwork fails to meet the above guidelines, you may be asked to do one of the following.   

- Resupply artwork. 

- Have your artwork reset by our in-house team; this is charged at £40 per piece of artwork.  
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