Make a statement with Modern. These luxurious shoulder boxes have a striking design, sure to catch the eye and wow any customer. The Modern range gives you the choice of three striking two-tone colour combinations in five sizes. These shoulder boxes are made in the UK using traditional manufacturing processes to keep low emissions. This collection comes in a ring, a smaller and larger earring/pendant, a bracelet and necklace-sized boxes.

Each box is provided with a purpose-cut black foam for the box's intended pieces as well as a covering foam.

These shoulder boxes can be printed or debossed with an image of your choice, enabling you to add your logo to the lid of the box. We can offer more paper colour choices and textures as well as different sizes we don't usually offer with Potters Bespoke Service.

Looking for a hinged box? Our EcoHinge range has a similar shoulder box design but with a paper, hinge to imitate the experience of opening a case.

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