Be bold on a budget with the Capri.

The Capri range offers a budget-friendly choice with an elegant retro high gloss finish, cut-off corners and a subtle dome to the lid. Reminiscent of 80s lux, this range strikes a balance between catching the light on your display and letting your product take centre stage.

Perfect for creators pushing boundaries in materials such as Acrylic and 3D printing, these offer the flexibility to explore shape freely within the universal boxes and are priced to allow inclusivity for those with smaller margins, such as students, start-ups, and those collections with a low retail price. So let your imagination run wild.

The collection is lined with cloud-soft cotton wool, except the Ring, which features a simple off-white ring clip. The base of the unit has a slight texture to reduce slip, and the lid can be personalised with a hot foil print. For this style due to the doming, we recommend less is more with personalisation, making these an ideal candidate for those seeking something that juxtaposes a black high gloss finish against a bold yet simple logo. We advise avoiding Matt foil.

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