Privacy Policy 

Potters (London) Limited is a limited liability company registered in England providing wholesale goods and services to the retail sector. It is our expectation that those with whom we deal are registered companies or sole traders. Therefore the majority of information held by us is not specifically related to an identifiable natural person. 


  • 'Company' - Potters (London) Limited 
  • 'Customer' - A business or individual who has placed, or has indicated an intention to place, an order with the Company at any time. 
  • 'Prospect' - A business or individual who has contacted the Company to obtain information about products or services we offer, or who has requested other information about the Company. 
  • 'Lead' - A business or individual identified from third party information such as business listings or attendance information from trade fairs, etc. or from a representative of the Company attending a trade fair, place of business or identified from advertising (of any type). 
  • 'Personal Information' - Data related to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identifier such as a name and specific location data. Information about a business is not deemed to be Personal Information. 


This privacy policy applies to any and all websites and services offered by the 'Company' where this privacy policy is referenced, regardless of how they are accessed by the 'Customer', 'Lead' or 'Prospect'. This includes all transactions with the 'Company' via telephonic communication of all types and in person. 

Use of Personal Information:- 

Generally the 'Company' holds only information related to the businesses it deals with. In most cases the only personal information held is the names of contacts within the business. 

The 'Company' uses such information as is supplied and required to:- 

  • Fulfil the expectations and requests of its 'Customers' and 'Prospects' (e.g. to provide goods, information, quotations, samples or services). 
  • Complete orders placed by its 'Customers'. 
  • Contact 'Customers' regarding their orders and any services they have requested. 
  • Contact 'Leads' regarding its products and services. Upon first contact the 'Company' will provide an indication of the source of the information and means by which the 'Lead' can request correction of any incorrect information or request removal of their data (this does not apply where the information held identifies only a business entity (not an identifiable natural person). 
  • Where we have specific consent we may use your information to contact you regarding offers, new products, or other news relating to our company, its products or services. 

The legal basis upon which the 'Company' holds such information is 'Contract' for 'Customers' and 'Consent' for 'Prospects'. 

Data Sharing:- 

The 'Company' may share information and/or artwork with its suppliers or other third parties where this is required to complete an order or to comply with a specific request. Only such information as is required for the purpose will be disclosed. 

Longevity of Data:- 

We retain information about our 'Customers' for as long as necessary to provide the goods and services requested and to ensure that we can subsequently inform them of their previous purchases. Beyond this we retain information for other essential purposes such as complying with legal obligations, resolving disputes, and enforcing our policies and legal rights. 

Cookies & Similar Technologies:- 

When you visit or interact with our websites, or other technological tools, software or services we, or our authorised service providers, may use cookies and other similar technologies to help provide you with a better, faster, safer or more personalised experience. 

Data Security:- 

Some of the methods we use to protect the data we hold are:- physical access controls, firewalls, intrusion detections systems, and encryption of data during internal network transfer to reduce the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure and alteration. 


At your request we can provide you with a copy of the personal information we store. Should you find this information to be incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date you can request us to update it. We will make the appropriate changes, and if requested to do so, confirm this to you. N.B: In the case of companies, the personal data we hold is limited to contact names. You have the right to request us to delete personal information, however, this right is determined by applicable law and under certain circumstances may be denied (e.g. we cannot delete the name of an account held by a sole trader who uses their own name as their trading name). 

If you need to contact us regarding this privacy policy, please email: We endeavour to answer all enquiries and comply with valid requests within 28 days of receipt. All requests must be received either via email or in writing to:- 

The Data Controller 
Potters (London) Limited 
Rollesby Road 
Hardwick Industrial Estate 
King's Lynn