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Shop our customised labelling and software solutions, developed exclusively for Jewellers in consultation with Jewellers. Compatible with both Mac and Windows Systems. 

Enjoy reliable yet straightforward pricing solutions designed to meet the jewellery sector's needs and challenges. Designed for retail, every element is curated for effortless processing, from ultrasonic-safe labelling to custom industry informed fields for information such as recent valuation along with bespoke solutions for wholesale environments.

Our specialist system has been developed to communicate at the printer language level for maximum precision, allowing accuracy to the dot level (1/12th mm). Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

Whether you are using product codes, printing barcodes or just text, Jewellery labelling is undeniably in a class of its own; Our system is expertly designed to cater to the sector from a small business to a wholesale setting. Small products demand a level of accuracy unattainable by many generic solutions.

For Multi-user solutions or existing Starter Users looking to upgrade please send across an enquiry using the enquiry form linked at the bottom of the page so we can tailor a solution to meet your exact requirements. 

Starter Kit

Our complete starter kits are ideal for customers looking for a user friendly, reliable Jewellery labelling solution. Complete with Printer, JewelLabel Software, Carbon Ribbon, Ethernet Cable, Power Cable, Setup Guide and 60 days installation and software support. All you need to do is just add labels. 

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JewelLabel Plus

Manage your labelling, stock reporting and stocktake effortlessly with our Plus Package. Complete with a USB Laser Barcode Scanner, Printer, JewelLabelPlus Software, Carbon Ribbon, Ethernet Cable, Power Cable, Setup Guide and 60 days installation and software support. 

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JewelLabel Pro

Save time with Pro. Bolt on additional printers to your system, whether you are looking for a second printing location or dedicated printers for each label size, Pro is ideal for both Starter and Plus customers. For customers requiring more than one user please submit an enquiry for JewelLabelPro or JewelMaster (EPOS) consulting, so we can help you find the best multi user solution for you.  

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Labels & Accessories 

Shop our Jewellery labels, display accessories, printer ribbons and replacement USB Barcode Scanners here. Print your labels with confidence knowing all of our Loop labels and Combi labels are ultrasonic safe, tamper resistant and scratch resistant giving you resilience where you need it most, on your product. 


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Enquiry Form 

Here at Potters UK we have been offering specialist systems for printing and stock control for Jewellers since 2003. However we understand that each Jeweller is unique, so we are here to ensure that your system is tailored to meet your individual needs. From off the shelf packages to bespoke labels, development and support packages, let our team guide you every step of the way. 

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View all our printable & writable labels, tags, printer ribbon and ticket holders, compatible with eXtra4 printers.

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