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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery, Returns & Refunds

Most unprinted gift boxes can be turned around within 72 hours if the stock is available on site. Lead times for printed items vary seasonally, so we strongly recommend ordering items like Christmas gift boxes as early as August to ensure delivery. To stay up to date, sign up for our newsletter for updates here

Any issues with your order must be reported by telephone on 01553 780855 and email on within 48 hours of delivery.   

Our approximate lead times are as follows.
Non printed goods in stock – 72 hours from payment
Printed stock goods – 14 to 21 days from order date
Bespoke boxes eight weeks
Bespoke jewellery cases up to eight months
The above is all subject to payment terms and may fluctuate seasonally.
If you require stock by a particular deadline, please phone us on 01553 780855 to check current lead times.

Please contact us via 01553 780855 within 48 hours of placing the order, followed by email confirmation to our customer service team,, confirming your account number, sales order number and the reason for the cancellation.  

Pricing & Shipping

9p per print, 15p for the second position on boxes and cases
15p per print, per position on bags and pouches
So, for example, a gift box printed in 2 positions would be charged at 24p printing per unit, while a gift bag printed in 2 places would be 30p printing per unit.
There is also an additional block charge for new artwork starting from £33 + vat; we will replace your block at 100,000 prints or when it's no longer crisp, whichever comes first FREE of charge.
For our complete artwork guide, please click here.

One of the benefits of buying wholesale gift boxes from Potters is that we offer discounts for higher order volumes across our standard ranges. Details of bulk discounts can be found on the product pages. Most product ranges have rates for 1, 5 and 10 cases; however, unfortunately, this isn't something we can offer on all ranges, including more bespoke boxes, such as special-order colours.

We currently do not offer free shipping; however, we do ship at cost with DPD. So you can order with confidence.

Yes, we ship goods worldwide; there may be additional delays to calculate shipping rates when ordering outside the UK and EU. You will also need to supply an active email address and your EORI number at the point of purchase.
Please also note that the Potters takes no responsibility for any taxes or duty payable on goods.

Whilst we have tried to absorb price fluctuations where possible, the pandemic has undeniably had global repercussions upon supply chains, manufacturing, the labour force, shipping and increased energy costs. This has led to increased costs and decreased availability of many of the key components used in the manufacturing process which has translated into price rises from many of our suppliers along with costly shipping delays that have mainly impacted items manufactured outside of the EU. While we have done our best to ensure any fluctuations are absorbed, it is not always possible for us to absorb the entire cost. We are reviewing products on a range by range basis. We look forward to continuing to work with our loyal customers to navigate this new normal and value your continuing support. 

Some of our boxes are designed to be letterbox friendly to save on shipping expenses. These boxes can be classed as a large letter by the Royal Mail when packaged in a mailing bag or envelope. These boxes can be found in our Postal series. More information on parcel sizes can be found here.

Products & Ordering

Some of our products are made by us at our Box Makers based in Kidderminster. When looking at a product if you see a 'Made In Britain' logo then that means that the product is made by us. Also, our Box Makers specialise in making bespoke packaging so you can be sure when you order through our Bespoke Service your boxes actually come from us.

While we have no set minimum order quantities, it varies by the range and product; we sell our items in packs. These may range from 1 to 100 units, depending on the item in question. Pack sizes tend to be slightly higher on smaller items such as ring boxes and postal boxes than large gift boxes. The pack size is clearly stated on the product page on the website.  

Our printed and plain bags are sold similarly, with slightly larger pack sizes. They typically range from 50 to 100 with larger pack sizes for special order colours, so you can keep your branding consistent with potters, whether you require printed gift bags or boxes.

Yes, we will send the first sample for free all you will need to do is pay the carriage charge. Any additional pieces will be charged at a pro-rata cost from the pack cost, so for example, a large premium postal box suitable for royal mail large letter size is sold in a pack of 10. Therefore we would charge 10% of the pack price for the sample, plus carriage. Please call 01553 780855 to arrange samples.

All our range of ecoboard and gift bags apart from the organza bags can be branded using foil printing; the print areas and locations for this can be located on the product pages on the website. Or you can use our bespoke service for a more tailored product.

Yes! With minimum orders starting from 250 units, our Ecoboard boxes manufactured in the UK can be tailored to meet your requirements. With 44 standard colours available in up to 4 finishes, over 1500 mid-range options and over 400 premium paper options, you can unleash your imagination. The Bespoke Ecoboard range can be produced from 38 x 38 x 28mm. Making it one of the smallest UK manufactured boxes available up to 500 x 400 x 120mm. Explore our Bespoke service here

No, our range includes many finishing touches, including display items, ribbons, bags, tissue and even pricing software.

Yes, we can do special orders for many of our product ranges. For example, with boxes made by us, we can be highly flexible with colour and texture. We can also provide special order colours for products we don't make such as the Earth range in Green. If you're unsure get in contact with us.

Yes, our eco-packaging range is UK manufactured, using suppliers who use sustainably sourced materials and are fully recyclable. Just look for our eco logo and shop with confidence, knowing you minimise transport miles and use sustainable packaging products. In addition to our cardboard boxes, we also offer Earth Bioplastic. Our biodegradable packing option this plant-based plastic decomposing in as little as five years. These vegetable-based plastics are an excellent carbon-neutral plastic packing option. Explore our Eco collection.

38 x 38 x 28mm minimum up to 500 x 400 x 120mm maximum, try our bespoke service here

Unfortunately, our products are not food safe; however, we will gladly produce boxes to transport wrapped food items, so if you need an outer for your truffle boxes or tube packaging for your whiskey, we may still be able to help. Contact us with your enquiry, and find out if our team of experts can help. 

All artworks must be supplied in a vector format; this can be provided via the website at the point of order or via email to; if the order is placed over the phone, please only offer artwork when requested from the artwork department. If you cannot supply suitable artwork, our design services are available at £40 +Vat per hour.    

For our complete artwork guide, please click here

Most of our boxes are provided with some sort of insert, only our EcoBoard Gift Boxes are supplied empty. Our EcoBoard and Eco Postal Boxes are provided with Courtelle wadding and our Modern, Legacy and EcoHinge have foam inserts with cut-outs for jewellery. If you don't want Courtelle wadding in the boxes we can take them out for a 9p removal charge per box, as by default our Box Makers insert them. We also sell other inserts such as recyclable Card Inserts and Acid-free Tissue Paper.

No, since the launch of our new website, we have discontinued our catalogues. Every product we sell is on our website!


We are open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.
But closed bank holidays and have an annual shutdown over the Christmas period from Christmas Eve until the first working day of the New Year.

As standard, all customers are placed on a pre-paid account.
You may request to move to 30-day terms once the following has been met:
You have traded with us for a minimum of 6 months
You have a rolling 12-month spend of £500+
Potters reserves the right to revert customers a pre-pay account in the event of late payment.

Click here for our full terms and conditions.

All our orders are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore we greatly encourage any orders for Christmas gift boxes to be placed before October at the latest. While lead times fluctuate significantly during the build-up to the festive period based on previous years, it would be unlikely that we would be able to produce printed or bespoke items for pre-Christmas delivery beyond the first week of November. To stay up to date with any Potters News, please sign up for our newsletter here.

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