Bespoke Packaging Materials and Finishes

Our Bespoke Service gives you creativity over the design and form of your packaging. We offer a variety of materials and finishes for our boxes so the packaging can be what you actually envisage.

Internal Board

We select a high-quality greyboard for our boxes as a basis. Black, white and natural grey are readily available but we can also create a board of your chosen colour. Up to 1,500-micron board is available.

Box Board Colours
box image

Covering Paper

We use paper to coat greyboard when making our boxes. Papers from our stock ranges are available, as well as over 1,000 papers in different colours and premium textures exclusive to our bespoke service.

Regular Printing Options

Like with our stock ranges, we can hot foil print or deboss with our in-house printing team images up to 200mm either vertically or horizontally on our bespoke boxes.

Hot Foil + Deboss

Bespoke Printing Options

Exclusive to our bespoke service is the option to digitally print onto your packaging or add UV and Spot UV for a unique finish.

CMYK Printing

Add a colourful elegance with printing in multiple colours and more places, unlike hot foil printing in monotone restricted to the lid.

EP 10
box image

UV and Spot UV

Introduce some sophistication by playing with texture; Spot UV allows you to juxtapose matt and gloss for a stylish yet minimalistic finish, whilst adding resistance to sunlight tarnishing.

UV Spot UV
box image

Finishing Touches

With the packaging designed it's time to think about the finishing touches. We can add custom-cut foam or card inserts, satin lining, tissue paper and ribbon to tie it all together.

Custom Inserts

Keep your products in position with a custom-made insert to your products proportions. We can offer cut foam inserts as well as recyclable card platforms which like our boxes can be customised with the colour and hot foil print.

Box Insert
box image

Tissue Paper

Add a colourful splash with our tissue paper. We have 12 available colours all of which can be printed on. The tissue is acid-free and will not react with metallic products, paintings or garments.

Acid free Tissue Paper
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Satin Inserts

Indulge your packaging with luxurious satin lining. Each satin insert is fitted to the box and can be combined with a card platform or foam underneath for a premium finish and to create the perfect housing for your products.

Satin Box Insert
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Tie up the box with a bow or wrap the inside with tissue and ribbon. Ribbon can be fitted to the inside or outside of a box.

box image

Ready to take your packaging to the next level?

You can configure packaging to your specification with our bespoke builder.

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