Sustainability and Eco

Making sustainable choices for a better business for you and a brighter future for the next generation

Here at Potters, we take sustainability seriously. It is easy for companies to greenwash, but we won't do that. We know the value of honesty and integrity to our customers.

As a packaging company, we are doing our best to make positive changes, but we need you, our customers, to join us on this journey. We are working hard to make better changes for the environment, and here is what we've achieved so far and what we plan to do next.

A few years ago, we brought our EcoBoard production in house with Potters Boxmakers. This allows us to produce the majority EcoBoard range in house. Using sustainable, recycled and recyclable elements, with a UK supply chain. Ensuring our customers receive a product with a low carbon footprint that does not add to deforestation. While our product meets the certification standards, we are working on our digital infrastructure to make this happen soon. So we can embrace accountability.

We use traditional production methods. We hot foil by hand; our stunning vintage machinery is loving and meticulously maintained,
and most of our machinery has stayed in commission for over 60 years. Using a process that still focuses on craftmanship and hand finishing rather than robotics. This means our machines rely heavily on the fantastic team behind them. Our Boxmakers are each an artisan in their own right, many with decades of knowledge and experience handed down by generations.

No one wants traditional skills to die. We love standing on the shoulders of the past, tried and tested craftsmanship to meet the demands of cutting edge designs for the Next Generation


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We also import from within and outside the EU to serve the customers looking for something a little different. However, this does give us access to the Earth range which is carbon neutral, constructed from a plant-based polymer. This bioplastic is compostable and biodegradable.

Due to demand, we still carry more traditional cases and plastic lines, but we have recently discontinued many of these. This has allowed us to refocus our collection on the lines most in demand by you, our customers. We are also always looking for new innovative eco-friendly products.

So here is where you come in. Firstly if you haven't already made the switch, we invite you to order from our sample service; we offer the 1st sample for the postage cost, with subsequent samples available for a small fee. You can explore our entire eco range here to see if you can make a small change today to work towards a better tomorrow. Secondly, if you see something unique and eco friendly, say something; you can contact us via email or social media so together we can find the products of tomorrow, today.

Under the guidance of a third-generation, we are taking Potters to the latest digital fronts whilst retaining the traditional traits.