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Making the best possible first impression is no easy thing to do. Packaging is the first point your customers may interact with your product, so it is worth making it a memorable one. Here are some ideas to inspire your choice of jewellery packaging. 

Consider who will open the packaging.

The packaging you choose should primarily be designed for your target market, even if they are not the buyers - for example, most engagement rings are purchased by men for their beloved. The packaging should catch the buyers' eye and still be perfect for their intended receiver. 

Jewellery boxes can be gender specific and should consider that in the packaging. Most jewellery is bought for women, who may prefer more elegant packaging which lives up to current trends. On the other hand, men may have a preference for practicality over aesthetics, with bold colours and firm quality materials being what they look for. Finally, it is important to remember that not all jewellery is gender-specific and that some packaging should reflect this. Some boxes may benefit from being minimalist and catching the eye of anyone who sets their eye on it. 


Eco-friendly packaging

Most jewellery packaging is made out of plastic, which is not widely recyclable. To combat this, more innovative eco-packaging has appeared, utilising recyclable materials such as paper or cardboard. This packaging type also adds value. A 2021 study at the University of Reading by Lignou and Oloyede discovered that consumers are willing to pay 5-10% extra for recyclable packaging compared to plastic packaging.

Reusable packaging

Many jewellery boxes are perfect to be repurposed. They can be used to display the piece when it is not being worn, or just repurposed as part of another gift. It should be considered by jewellers how their packaging will serve even well beyond purchase. This means that packaging doesn’t just need to be recyclable but also possesses a high enough quality to be able to stand the test of time. 

Minimalistic design

One of the leading trends of the past few years has seen boxes utilise a few bold colours with less clutter and complicated visuals. A typical minimalist box may use strong typography for the logo or branding, making the packaging look clear and simple. This has been an emerging trend as packaging has become simpler and more engaging by driving focus to the branding and not overwhelming customers who may only want the essential information.

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At Potters, we produce packaging that embodies these trends. We recommend the Modern range for the reasons above. This range of boxes comprises minimalistic two-toned shoulder boxes. Choose from the three stock colour combinations in Black/Silver, Grey/Silver and Silver/Black. These boxes come in a range of purpose-built sizes for pieces like rings, earrings and necklaces, which are skilfully constructed using paper and 880-1000 gsm board. This ensures our gift boxes are 100% recyclable and can be reused over and over. 

The Modern range can be enhanced with POTTERS BESPOKE SERVICE, enabling you to use your own creative flare to produce bright, modern, but modest packaging with the addition of debossing or foiling your logo or branding onto the lid of the box. There are over one thousand additional papers to choose from in assorted colours and textures. Utilising the shoulder design means up to two papers can be used and allows you to raise or lower the size of the ‘reveal’, giving you near limitless customisation over the Modern range, to create your very own sustainable packaging. 

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