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Did you know that you could save on shipping if you mail your goods as a large letter? Our Eco Postal range is purposely designed with a smaller height than the rest of our ranges to make them letterbox friendly and can be shipped as a Royal Mail large letter size.


What does Letterbox Friendly mean?

To be letterbox friendly a parcel must have a maximum height of 25mm, to allow it to easily pass through a letterbox. Eco Postal boxes have a 22mm height, meaning that when packaged with thin outer packagings such as mailing bags or bubblewrap envelopes they can pass as a large letter size.


What size are letterboxes?

In the UK, most letterboxes abide by the standard size of 254x70mm (10"x2.75”). However, some letterboxes have a longer 12” length or slimmer 2” depth.


What fits through letterboxes?

Other than all possible sizes of letters, small parcels such as letterbox-friendly parcels will fit through most letterboxes.


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Why should you use letterbox parcels?



Letterbox parcels pass through post boxes and letterboxes with ease, ensuring delivery is as smooth as possible and no mail is left hidden, with a neighbour or scheduled for another time.


Letterbox parcels can save you up to 67% when shipping as a 1st class large letter compared to a small parcel from Royal Mail.


Postal boxes can be produced from sustainable materials like our EcoPostal range without compromising on price. The added convenience also means that all parcels are delivered the first time of asking, preventing the delivery driver from having to make another trip or detour to drop off the package.


Postal boxes are suitable for anything that fits through a letter box such as jewellery, flowers or cheese. Our postal boxes are also ideal as subscription, jewellery or gift boxes.


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With the trend of rising fuel costs not looking to slow down, letterbox-friendly parcels are the obvious solution to save on rising delivery costs. Our Eco Postal range is available in 5 sizes from a small 53x40mm, ideal for small gifts like a ring band, to the largest 162x118mm, with ample space for larger gifts or sets. There are 4 stock colours to pick from; black ribbed, white ribbed, grey and kraft, with a complimentary Courtelle wadding insert inside each box.

To make these postal boxes personalised to you and your brand you add an image of your choice to the lid of the box with hot foil. Choose from 25 colours with metallic and matt styles to pick from. Alternatively, for a cleaned stamped look, deboss the image instead.

Are Postal Boxes Your New Packaging Solution?


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