How Can You Save On Shipping Costs?

With the big switch to e-commerce, finding inventive ways to lower costs can make or break many small businesses. A little-known method that many small businesses can take advantage of to reduce their shipping costs is posting their products as the large letter delivery size.


What is the Large Letter Size?

When it comes to shipping, you don't necessarily need to post with a letter to benefit from the cost-effective large letter size. In fact, many smaller parcels meet the requirements set by Royal Mail and other couriers. To be classified as a large letter, a parcel must adhere to specific dimensions: a maximum length and width of 353mmx250mm and height no greater than 25mm, with a maximum weight of 750g. Any package that exceeds these criteria cannot be considered a large letter and would need to be posted as a more expensive small parcel. The large letter size is particularly advantageous if you're shipping a variety of smaller gifts, such as delicate pieces of jewellery, or small letterbox parcels to your customers while keeping costs down.


How much does the large letter shipping rate cost?

The cost of the large letter rate varies based on the weight of the parcel and whether you choose 1st or 2nd class shipping. Royal Mail calculates prices based on the weight of the parcel, with pricing categories up to 100g, 250g, 500g, and 750g. These rates range from £1.15 for a 2nd class large letter up to 100g, to £3.30 for a 1st class large letter weighing up to 750g. In comparison, the small parcel has a flat rate of £3.69 for 1st class and £2.99 for 2nd class. To put it into perspective, shipping a product that weighs 500g when packaged would cost £2.95 as a 1st class large letter, while the same item as a small parcel would cost £3.69, resulting in approximately 25% savings on shipping costs per parcel. More information on the breakdown of prices can be found on the Royal Mail's website.


How can you ship items as a large letter?

Meeting the tight height restriction of 25mm can be a challenge for some small businesses, as it doesn't leave much leeway for both the product and its packaging. You might also worry that your parcel won't be adequately protected since the most common method of shipping large letters involves using thin paper envelopes or unpadded mailing bags, both of which offer little to no protection during transit. Thankfully, our Eco Postal range of slim rigid boxes provides the perfect solution, offering the required protection throughout shipping. The Eco Postal range features boxes with a 22mm external height, allowing them to fit snugly into an envelope or mailing bag for a complete presentation. Crafted from robust rigid paperboard and paper, Eco Postal boxes maintain their shape throughout transit, ensuring the security of your products inside. With Eco Postal, you can ship with confidence, knowing that your customers will receive their orders exactly as you intended.

We offer the Eco Postal range in five sizes, ranging from our smallest and most compact box to a larger, more traditional letterbox subscription box size. These boxes are available in four attractive colours: Black Ribbed, White Ribbed, Grey, and Kraft. What sets our Eco Postal range apart is that we manufacture these boxes ourselves at our Box Makers in Kidderminster, where our artisanal Box Makers have honed their skills in the traditional craftsmanship of box making. We take great pride in incorporating traditional low-emission processes and crafting Eco Postal boxes with recyclable paper and paperboard, making them not only excellent for shipping but also a truly sustainable option for your packaging needs.

The Eco Postal range is currently up to 43% off, offering an affordable gateway to try large letter-size postage and take advantage of cheaper delivery.

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