Is Hot Foil Stamping Sustainable?

Style up boxes with colourful foil

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The bespoke service offers the option to embossfoil onto our boxes and cases using hot foil to expand your branding experience. On selection, we have 25 colour options in metallic and matt variations.

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What is hot foil?

Hot foil is the process of depositing a dyed or undyed metallic foil or other pigments onto packaging. The process produces no emissions and requires little energy, producing low waste.

Are foiled boxes still recyclable?

We ethically source our foils from suppliers ensuring that they are recyclable and biodegradable. The foil used comprises up to 3 or 4 solvent-free layers, which make up no more than 2.5 microns (1 micron = 1 thousandth of a mm). This is critical as it does not impact the recyclability of our boxes. The box can still be repulped, with the fibres able to be repurposed again.

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Are the foils biodegradable?

The foils will begin to naturally break down over time. This means when paired with our EcoBoard boxes, even with the addition of foil the boxes remain biodegradable.

Are the foils vegan?

Some of the foils are beeswax. The majority of the hot foils are made of metallic foils and dyes which contain no animal products. If you are unsure which colours are vegan or not contact us.

Does the foil last?

The foil is UV and spot UV protected, allowing the foil pigments resistance from discolouring over time. The foils are ranked up to 4 on the lightfastness chart meaning in normal conditions for display the pigments can last from 2-50 years.

Hot Foil is a sustainable way to further elevate your packaging by adding your own images or branding and when paired with our UK-made boxes from our Box Makers, is completely recyclable. 

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