Eco-friendly Packaging Guide

A handy guide to our eco-friendly box ranges.

Packaging plays a significant role in environmental protection and with discarded packaging posing a threat to our planet's ecosystems, eco-friendly packaging is more important than ever. In this buying guide, we will introduce you to our favourite eco-friendly packaging options from Potters, just in time for Earth Day.


Starting with our Earth range of boxes, named after the planet itself, these boxes are crafted from PLA, a form of bioplastic made from plants. These boxes are biodegradable and break down into water and low levels of COif composted, making them an excellent option for eco-conscious consumers. The Earth range is available in five sizes, ranging from small stud earring boxes to larger necklace boxes, in four different colours - black, white, green, and cork. We recommend these boxes for sustainable jewellery made from recycled plastics or metals, PLA, or resin.

Earth Box Group v2


Our EcoHinge boxes are the perfect alternative for non-recyclable jewellery cases. These boxes are hinged and crafted from board and paper, making them fully recyclable. Our EcoHinge boxes come in five sizes, from rings to necklaces, in four different colour combinations. We manufacture EcoHinge boxes at our artisanal Box Makers in Kidderminster, UK, to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

EcoHinge Group


Our largest range of eco-friendly boxes is EcoBoard, which comes in many different sizes, from small jewellery boxes to larger gift boxes. Like EcoHinge, EcoBoard is made from board and paper, which makes it 100% recyclable. We use traditional manufacturing methods to minimize the use of machinery and reduce our emissions. The EcoBoard range has six sizes for jewellery, ranging from stud earrings to chokers, and another three universal sizes. We offer six different colour options in ribbed and matt variations. EcoBoard is our most cost-effective option that still provides an unforgettable unboxing experience. We recommend EcoBoard for most jewellery, from affordable to statement pieces.

EcoBoard Postal

With e-commerce becoming the primary option for gift makers and jewellers, our EcoBoard Postal boxes are an eco-friendly option that is perfect for posting. These boxes can be posted as a large letter size, making them ideal for a range of smaller jewellery pieces such as ring bands, stud earrings, flat pendants, and smaller necklaces. EcoBoard Postal comes in five sizes, from tiny 48x35mm to the largest 110x155mm, in four different colours, and is made from the same board and paper as our main EcoBoard range.

EcoBoard + EcoBoard Postal Group v2


Our Modern range of boxes is our most stylish and eye-catching collection. These boxes feature a two-tone shoulder design and are available in five sizes, from rings to necklaces. Like most of our boxes, Modern is made by us, meaning each box is of high quality and fully recyclable. The unique two-toned design of Modern boxes complements a variety of modern and contemporary jewellery pieces.

Modern Group


The Legacy range is similar in design to our EcoBoard range but comes with pre-fitted foam inserts with handy cut-outs for a range of jewellery pieces. These boxes come in three colours - black, blue, and grey - and use ribbed textured paper for a sophisticated look and feel. Legacy comes in the same sizes as the EcoBoard jewellery boxes, as well as a cufflinks size. We recommend these boxes for traditional and timeless jewellery pieces.

Legacy Group

Eco Gift

Our Eco Gift range is our most unique, featuring large gift boxes rather than jewellery sizes. These boxes come in five sizes, from tall candle boxes to tiara boxes, and three different-sized square gift boxes. While these boxes are sold empty, we recommend pairing them with our Acid-free Tissue Paper to add a splash of colour to enhance the unboxing.

Eco Gift Group


In addition to manufacturing eco-friendly boxes, we also offer a hot foil branding service. This allows you to add a monotone image to the lid of each box, which can be a great way to promote your brand or add a personal touch to your packaging. The hot foil printing process does not affect the recyclability of our boxes, ensuring that each box can still be reused or recycled after use. If you prefer a stamped effect, we can also deboss an image onto the lid without using any additional materials, providing a sleek and sophisticated way to add an image. All our available foil colours can be found here.


Next Steps

We hope this guide has been useful in selecting your next Earth-friendly packaging. All of our box ranges mentioned can be found in our Eco Boxes collection and if you need help designing or more information to make the correct switch, why not get in touch with our team of experts?

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