A guide to rigid boxes

What are rigid boxes?

In today's brand-centric world, packaging plays an important role in creating lasting impressions. That's why it's no surprise that packaging has become a crucial element of branding strategies. As you explore various packaging options, you may come across the term "rigid boxes." These high-end packaging solutions, also known as presentation boxes, are commonly used for jewellery, cosmetics, alcohol, and electronics. Renowned brands like Apple opt for them, making them a symbol of sophistication and quality. A typical rigid box consists of two components, a lid and a base and unlike collapsible packaging, it maintains its structure and cannot be folded.

What Materials Are Rigid Boxes Made Of?

Rigid boxes are primarily crafted from sturdy and durable materials to ensure strength and stability. However, a simple rigid box only requires two materials: paperboard and paper. Paperboard, a robust material thicker than cardstock, provides the structural integrity of a rigid box and is often wrapped in paper to add colour and/or textures. For more upscale options, premium materials like coated or embossed paper can be used to imitate the look and feel of materials such as leather or linen. This attention to materials ensures that rigid boxes not only protect their contents but also elevate the perception of the packaged items.

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What Types of Rigid Boxes Are There?

Rigid boxes come in various forms, catering to a wide range of products and packaging needs. The most common type is the traditional presentation box, consisting of a base and lid. They can be found in diverse sizes, ranging from large hamper-sized boxes to thin boxes suitable for large letter postage. Shoulder boxes feature an inner box attached to the base, which may or may not be visible when the box is closed. These boxes offer even greater strength, as well as an attractive visual contrast and are often used for premium spirits, jewellery, and other high-value luxury products.

Hinged boxes have a hinged lid connected to the base, allowing for easy opening and closing like a case. This design makes them convenient for accessing the contents repeatedly, making them popular choices for watches, jewellery, small electronics, and other accessories. Similar to shoulder boxes, hinged boxes offer a seamless and elegant appearance, with the lid directly attached to the base.

Drawer boxes incorporate a sliding drawer mechanism that provides easy access to the contents. This design is ideal for luxury chocolates, cosmetics, and high-end packaging of small items, where the user experience is as important as the presentation. Matchbox-style boxes consist of a primary outer box and a separate inner sleeve or tray that slides in and out. The outer box offers additional protection and serves as a decorative element, perfect for book sets, limited edition collections, and premium stationery.

Can Rigid Boxes Be Customised?

Rigid boxes are incredibly versatile when it comes to customisation. Hot foil printing is a popular method for branding these boxes, as it creates a textured print with a premium appearance. Other printing methods like digital or screen printing also work well on rigid boxes, providing a broader range of colour and detail options.
Moreover, the boxes themselves offer nearly limitless customisation potential, including variations in paper and board colour. The interior can be tailored with inserts, foam padding, or compartments to securely hold and display the product. The possibilities of customisation allow any brand to fine-tune its packaging that truly represents its own unique identity and captivates its target audience.

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What Are Rigid Boxes Used For?

Rigid boxes are a great choice for e-commerce packaging, ensuring your products remain protected and intact even during rough deliveries. Conversely, in retail settings, presentation boxes can captivate customers with their luxurious appeal. Rigid boxes are commonly employed to package limited edition or collectable items, such as special edition books, art prints, collector's items, commemorative products, or exclusive launches. Their premium and protective nature helps preserve the value and integrity of these unique items.

Are Rigid Boxes Recyclable and Eco-friendly?

One of the greatest advantages of rigid boxes lies in their potential to be an environmentally-friendly packaging solution, although this depends on the materials used and the manufacturing process. Many presentation boxes can be made and branded using fully recyclable materials, allowing for responsible disposal or even being reused as another gift or for storage. Moreover, rigid boxes can be crafted sustainably, as their production often involves minimal machinery and can be done by hand, resulting in a low carbon footprint. This combination of elegance and sustainability makes rigid boxes a compelling choice for environmentally-conscious brands and consumers.

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How are rigid boxes made?

Rigid boxes are unique in the sense that they can be crafted by hand or solely by machinery. We made a blog post about how we make our own rigid boxes, which can be viewed here.

At Potters, we craft various types of rigid boxes at our Box Makers in Kidderminster. Our stock rigid boxes are exclusively crafted of paperboard and paper, with most materials sourced from within the UK. Combined with the traditional art of box making, which requires more manpower than machinery, our boxes carry a low carbon footprint and are fully recyclable. By choosing our rigid boxes, you can confidently offer a genuinely sustainable packaging option that aligns with your brand values and delights your customers.

You can discover all types of rigid boxes in our core packaging ranges: EcoBoard and Eco Postal, Modern, EcoHinge, Drawer and much more. We offer a bespoke service, crafting to your every requirement. Whether you're seeking packaging for your business or a client, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Explore the possibilities today.

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